Great Work! Testifies in Support of HB 343

Great Work! Testifies  in Support of HB 343

November 18, 2015

Great Work! Employment Services’ President  testified in front of the Ohio House of Representative’s Economic and Workforce Development Committee supporting HB 343.  HB 343 seeks to repeal the sales tax placed on temporary employment services in Ohio since 1993.

2 manufacturing companies (Whirlpool and Cargill), 1 Lawyer (Baker and Hostetler) and 2 independent staffing firms (Great Work! and Reliable) testified that the Sales Tax is bad for business and employment in the State of Ohio.   The repeal of Sales Tax on temporary staffing services would be a huge cost savings to employers which could be used for additional wages or positions.

Please follow HB 343 and give input to your local representatives.  Let them know how much sales tax you pay on employment services, how it is a tax on wages and payroll taxes and how not having the sales tax expense could result in additional jobs or wages.

Sales tax does not impact the worker’s benefits at all. It is a revenue generating tax that is added to an invoice that has steadily increased as the sales tax increases.

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