Looking for a job? Treat It Like Your Job!

Have you ever been looking for a job and not had the response you hoped? Maybe you are leaving too much to chance.  Having a daily plan of action will help you make the most connections and not lose out on opportunities.  We put together a sample day to successfully land your next position.


6:00 AM – Rise and Shine!


Successful job seekers are early risers. They understand that the early bird catches the worm. The first thing on their agenda is to take care of themselves. A nutritious breakfast and morning exercise help get the body and mind energized and prepared for the day ahead.


7:00 AM – Job Search Prep


Before hitting the pavement, successful job seekers make a list of the job postings they’re interested in. They create a folder to keep all of their resumes and cover letters organized. They check their email and voice messages for any notifications or calls back from recruiters or companies.


8:00 AM – Job Search Networking


Once they have prepared, job seekers put on their networking hat. They update their LinkedIn profile, reach out to their network of contacts, and schedule appointments with employment agencies, headhunters, and company hiring managers.


12:00 PM – Taking a Break


By noon, most job seekers are hungry and ready for a break. Successful job seekers don’t simply eat and return to their computers. They use the time to check social media for potential leads, share any industry articles or news that may pertain to their job search, and engage in their hobbies or interests to recharge their energy.


1:00 PM – Job Application Submissions


The early afternoon is a great time to start applying for open positions. Successful job seekers submit quality resumes and personalized cover letters and tailor their applications for each company or position they apply for. They are persistent but do not rush the process and maintain their enthusiasm throughout the day.


4:00 PM – Job Search Outreach


Job seekers understand the importance of being proactive whilst not relying on traditional job boards. During the afternoon, successful job seekers attend job fairs, connect with alumni networks, and set up informational interviews. They create more opportunities and foster positive relationships in their network.


6:00 PM – Daily Check-In


At the end of each day, successful job seekers take stock of what they’ve accomplished, celebrate their victories, and create a new list for the following day. They don’t let any missed opportunities bring them down but continue to remain positive and persistent, even on days that may not go according to plan.


In conclusion, being a successful job seeker requires persistence, organization, networking, and a positive attitude. The day in the life of a job seeker can be challenging but ultimately rewarding when you achieve your goal of finding a new position. So go out there, make your own path, and become a successful job seeker!


For job search tips: https://www.indeed.com/career-advice/finding-a-job/job-searching-process

For FREE help with your search: https://www.greatwork.jobs/north-east-ohio-staffing/locations-2/

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